Camp Bestival 2014 review Aug16


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Camp Bestival 2014 review

Camp Bestival, a review in pictures

Well what can I say? We’ve been to Camp Bestival now for 3 years running and we really have loved it. Last year I bumped into a friend who said that after 2 years, she felt it was a bit “samey”. Although I understood what she meant, I remember looking around me thinking yeah it’s the same venue and the same layout; the food is in the same place so were the kid’s activities but I really quite liked that, it’s like going back to the same holiday resort each year, knowing where everything is.

But that was just year 2, and as August approached this year the thought was stuck in my head, tapping away like a woodpecker... I really didn’t want to fall out of love with Camp Besti, it’s been a truly great place and we’ve made some incredible memories but I was almost expecting to come away this year thinking it was getting a bit boring being the same each year, I’d even prepped myself because I even said to a friend that it may be our last year…

Well, we are back now and I can honestly, hand on heart say that even though I was actively looking for it, there was NOTHING samey. I love that it’s the same venue, the same beautiful backdrop of the stunning Lulworth Castle, I love that the kids area is always just behind the castle, that the food stands surround the castle stage, that the ‘fragrant’ festival loos are always in the same place, and that the line up of top acts continues to grow and that the amazing, spectacular fireworks show is still on the Sunday night to mark the end of the weekend and say a thank you and farewell to everyone.

But what I love even more is that although the basic festival remains familiar and even almost homely, after 3 years there are still enough new areas that continue to provide the wow factor.

This year, for me, the ‘Dingley Dell’ stood out as it was opened up even more. Year one was a place to queue up to go listen to a reading of a story – that’s as much as I can tell you about that because after 40 minutes in the queue we were told it was over capacity so we gave up. Year two it was a place to explore and make fairy houses which we all loved doing, especially when chocolate appeared in the houses – a thank you from the fairies perhaps…

But year 3; and it had taken over by The National Trust who brought their “50 things to do before you’re 11 and three quarters” which was quite superb, the kids could document all the things they had done and were planning to do. We knocked off rolling down a big hill, going on a barefoot walk, making a grass trumpet, and more. It was like going back in time, there were no games consoles, no smartphones, it was bringing fun back to nature and as we sat in the grass, we watched all the kids and parents alike doing things they hadn’t done for years, and were loving it.

I dearly hope the experience inspired the kids for the rest of their summers. But this is what Camp Bestival is all about – creating memories that kids will pass on to their kids. I’ve never made a grass trumpet with my son before so I hope that he will remember this and other things we do at this age, when he has kids of his own.

The music line up was again superb, as it always is. Although we like music in our family, we do seem to (and when I say we I really mean my son)  like doing things rather than sitting and watching an act. I personally love to see a top act live; sitting having a picnic with perhaps a pint of Pimm’s, somewhere in the middle of the throng of people on the Castle field is a wonderful atmosphere but at Camp Besti there’s so much other stuff to do that we simply didn’t catch all the acts this year. It’s a good job my blogger friends took lots of pics too 🙂

Needless to say, we really did have a blast. A magical blast. And how the fireworks that were set to Bohemian Rhapsody will be beat next year is beyond me. Let the countdown begin…

Enough of me going on. Here’s a video of Camp Bestival 2014 in pictures and maybe some video…



I mentioned a few things I couldn’t live without in the video, these are the links:

  • Belle; my bell tent from Prices start from £269 but ours was the 4m Bell Tent Pro which was £549.
  • The Festival Trolley, I wanted a non-granny styled trolley, I stopped looking when I found as this was perfect, and a bargain at just £18.95 
  • The Waterproof iphone case was superb and is also drop proof, dustproof and festival proof. After all in a tent, things do get knocked about and lost. Mine was from 
  • The Power Bank, I know we were in the camper van field but my chargers would not charge my phone, it was a pain but this power bank was the only thing that helped. It was £99.99, you can get them from Argos, ShopDirect or Rymans.

*update on video. After publishing, my mini-me informed me that balancing on a log isn’t one of the 50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4. He’s normally right in these things so apologies for misleading anyone. I suggest you go to the National Trust’s website to get the book for yourself 🙂

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