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Dino discovery kit review

Dinosaur discovery kit review


Oh yes this is my kind of kids toy, activity kits are brilliant as they keep your kids occupied and they learn so much! The Dino Discovery Kit from Ravensburger is one of the best as it introduced my son to archaeology. We’ve been to Devon down on the Jurassic coast and failed at looking for fossils, and we’ve seen Jurassic Park…haven’t we all. But this was cool for us to do together, and in this fairly small box there’s a surprising amount to get through as it comes with supplies for 6 awesome archaeological activities.


We sussed out early on that two of the activities needed to be set with plaster of Paris, so we set that up and left our “fossils” for a day or so to set properly.

In the meantime we got stuck into the others. Now I would recommend reading the instructions, my lad got carried away and broke the Megalosaurus tooth open so missed the chance to excavate it properly because he had seen the tooth so knew what he was looking for. We still did it, but had he read the instructions he would have enjoyed it far more.

We built the complete T-Rex skeleton; not to scale obviously but physically putting the pieces together really brought it to life and gave us a feel for how these beasts moved back then. The pieces are made from tough, thick cardboard so is as safe as it can be with a youngster pulling it apart. As you can see from the picture, ours survived!

Then there was the Archaeopteryx for a feathered dinosaur activity, which sparked a discussion about whether all dinosaurs were actually feathered and what, say a T-Rex would have looked like covered in feathers and how that maybe we don’t really know as all we have are the bones to go by… #controversial!

dinosaur excavation

We then put together the shaped panels of Pteranodon for the dino flight challenge, and then finally after a couple of days, the nautilus fossil creation that we had previously set in plaster was ready to see.

The set is aimed at children aged 8+ and is a great little interactive set to bring our past to life, and spark new thoughts. Take a look here at http://www.ravensburger.com/uk/products/new/crafts/sciencex-mini-dinosaurs-18182/index.html

I’d happily recommend this as a birthday, or if Santa is listening, a stocking filler 🙂


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