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How to put up a bell tent

Until this week I had NEVER put up a tent. I've 'assisted' in other people's tent build's and when I say assisted, I mean just sort of on-looking really. Although I did adjust my friends guide ropes once to make them fit within the boundary at Camp Bestival's campervan field... but never my own tent. So when I took delivery of my Bell Tent I just went for it, and all on my lonesome too.

From start to finish, it took me less than 30 minutes. And, it was a hot day too so I stopped to catch some shade, and for the purpose of my blog, to take step by step photos... oh and I *may* have facebooked my progress too...

Instructions from Bell Tent UK were pretty good; step by step it took me through what to do really easily. The only thing the instructions don't mention is the fly sheet and the loops to put the A-frame poles through, but both of those are pretty obvious really.

The photos below take you through the steps, it literally was less than 30 minutes, but now know what I'm doing, next time it'll be maybe a 5 minute job.

It's the bunting, fairy lights, making beds, rugs and furniture that will take longer but I'll get back to that. See the future link for glamping 😉  

  • I chose the Bell Tent pro; made to last even longer
  • The 4m tent is perfect for my little family
  • Step 1: In it's original state, waiting to be unpacked.
  • Step 2: Unwrapped and in place, make sure the entrance is where you want it.
  • Step 3a: Find the small tent pegs for the groundsheet, large for the guide ropes.
  • Step 3b: Find the central pole and A-frame poles and...
  • Step 3c:Pin down the groundsheet and place the central pole in to keep the roof up.
  • Step 4: Insert the A-frame (from inside the tent is far easier) to create your entrance.
  • Step 5: Peg the guide ropes down. Note: I made the left side with longer ropes, the right side are as short as possible to allow for limited room on a tight pitch. This shows the difference in tent build. The longer guide ropes keep the shape slightly better.
  • Step 5: Zip the fly sheet into place and add bunting and Voila 🙂
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