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Packing for a cruise

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So I’ve done it, I’m back from my cruise. You can check out the daily blogs too, but this one is to focus on my top 5 tips when packing for a cruise.

Before I left I did lots of research and to be honest nothing really helped. May is a funny time, it’s not summer yet so the weather can be temperamental which made it difficult to decide. Throw the black tie dinners into the mix and it could make for a scary time when planning your first cruise. So I’m here to make it easy for you.

Here’s my top tips for packing for a cruise.

suitcase1. Get your black tie evenings sorted out first.
A floor length gown, a shorter cocktail dress or trousers and top combination, all are perfectly suitable. We had two weeks on P&O’s Ventura, with 2 black tie evenings each week.
My advice is to take just 2 outfits, even if you have 4 events to attend. It really doesn’t matter if you wear them twice. You’ll save a headache on buying new, and floor length dresses can be heavy – always consider your baggage allowance! Travel wash is easy to source on Amazon for any incidentals whilst there so for me, two black tie outfits will do.

2. Jeans
If you’re like me, a lover of jeans and converse trainers, you’ll be wearing

them to travel in, I only wore them again on one excursion and then to travel home in. Jeans can be heavy too, so try to limit them to just one – or two pairs if you really have to.

3. Cardigans/cover ups.
In general I opted for a combination of summer dresses, skirts, shorts and vest type tops but there were times it got a little chillier. Plus in some cities such as Rome, you may need to cover your shoulders or head when entering churches. Take a cardigan or cover up, or even just a large scarf for this eventuality. It’s good to have something and they don’t take up too much room in your bag.

14‎May14 Italy 2518

4. Bags. I took a rucksack and will again. Good (although not perfect) for carry-on luggage but useful for excursions. But also, take a smaller bag/purse for carrying on your body and in front of you. This is ideal when you get off in port, pick-pockets are rife in some areas and they know tourists can be off guard. Keep your cash and valuables close to your body, ideally hidden and not in your rucksack. I just took one small evening bag that went with everything.

5. Carry on luggage.
For a cruise I very much recommend a small suitcase – with wheels. When you check in your luggage at the airport, you will next see it delivered at your cabin, no need to pick it all up at the destination airport. So, should a suitcase go astray or arrive later then you, you will have what you need in your carry on case. Take shorts, or swimming kit for the kids to keep them happy. We arrived on board at 11am but didn’t see our luggage until mid-afternoon. A change of clothes would have been a help, especially for the kids.  Also, when coming home you send your luggage the night before so having your carry-on case for your PJ’s and morning toiletries would have been useful.Also, make sure you have mini toiletries; you’re only allowed liquids of less than 100ml each in carry-on luggage. Even a tube of toothpaste is over this so mini’s will save you having to dump stuff at the airport.

KEEP IN MIND! The maximum dimensions of carry-on luggage. Even if you buy a case promoted as ‘carry-on luggage’ it may still be too big for your particular airline. If this is the case they could refuse it and make you put it in the hold – and charge you for the privilege too. Make sure you get it right and save yourself the headache.

And don’t take too much, really. Do you really need 3 pairs of flip flops? Well to be honest, I did 😉

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