Parents rebelling against gender specific clothes Nov05


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Parents rebelling against gender specific clothes

The majority of parents are rebelling against gender specific colours for their children’s clothes

Interesting survey out this week saying that out of over 800 parents of 0-3 year olds, the majority of parents are happy to dress their children in non gender specific colours with 82% of parents saying they like blue clothing on girls and 47% saying that they like pink clothing on boys. I agree, clothes should not be gender specific but it’s also quite nice that girls can be girls and boys can be boys.

I’m sure it’s all down to the media though, why do girls play with dolls and boys with cars? Is this preference as boys or girls bred into us or are we subtly told what to do by subliminal messages we see and hear in the media? Controversy!

“We have found a huge trend in parents moving away from simply dressing their children in gender specific colours. Parents are looking for more variety when it comes to their children’s wardrobes and want clothes that will express their own personal taste and style.” explains Nicolas de Rosen, one of the 3 founders of Box Upon a Time, an innovative subscription box service offering parents a brand new personal shopping experience.

“With so much choice now available to parents they no longer feel they have to dress their children in stereotypical pink and blue. Gender neutral colours such as white, red, yellow and grey are very popular amongst our customers. In fact, we have found that when parents were given a choice of 12 colours, pink comes up as one of the least popular, only followed by brown. The most popular colour is white, with 95% of parents selecting this as one of the their favourite colours of choice. The survey has also shown that red, yellow and grey are big hits with parents.”

“Children need the freedom to develop their full potential without preconceptions about what girls or boys should do or how they should behave. Studies show that adults treat children differently when dressed in gender-sterotyped clothing so the move towards less gender-sterotyping in clothes as well as in toys and other areas of children’s lives is to be welcomed.” Says Dr Amanda Gummer, child psychologist and founder of Fundamentally Children (

So forget the stereotypes, get with the 21st century and dress your kids in a rainbow of colours!

Box Upon a Time is an innovative subscription box service offering parents a brand new personal shopping experience. This unique concept allows parents of children aged 0-3 to receive a monthly or quarterly box of stylish clothing tailored specifically for their child which has been hand-picked by an experienced personal stylist and delivered direct to their door.

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