Preparing kids for Camp Bestival music Jul25


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Preparing kids for Camp Bestival music

Camp Bestival is absolutely one of the best mini holidays for families. This is our third year and although the basic festival remains the same, there are enough new areas each year to keep it fresh. There's something quite satisfying about going to the same place each year, for the same event yet coming away with a different experience and new memories.

The main difference of course is the acts on the main stage. Born in '74 I've been rocking the planet for forty years now, so my first year at Camp Besti I was delighted to see Adam Ant playing, this was a huge blast from my past and I loved every minute of it. Later, the headline act appeared - the Stone Roses, again it took me straight back to my youth and it was superb. The atmosphere was amazing; it was a night time set, jam packed with people and families too, kids enjoying it, not having a clue who the Roses were.

My son at this time was just 6 and although he enjoyed it, I knew his enjoyment would have been far greater had he been familiar with the music, so for year 2 things improved! Without my mini-me knowing it, he did some prep work.

I knew that amongst others, The Proclaimers were playing, so I found them on youtube and played 'when ya gooooooo will ya sind baaaaack a lettur frooooom Americaaaaa." and all the other tunes from the Scottish duo. We played it in the car, at home, all over the place so mini-me was familiar with them.

Nik Kershaw too, he was just amazing. And we played his past hits at home too. To be honest I'd lost track of time when he was on, and while we were building fairy houses in the Dingley Dell, which is close to the main stage, we heard 'wouldn't it be good' playing, it was actually a magical moment to be in the fairy wood, with Nick Kershaw playing to us live. Brilliant. But that's what Camp Besti is all about. 

Mark Owen was playing too, and I was, (yeah ok still is) a bit of a Take That fan and funnily enough so is my son, the first song he sand was shine by from it being on the radio in the way to nursery which meant we could properly enjoy him playing without any moaning from a 6 year old with the attention span of a gnat.

So a little pre-preparation meant we could sit happily and enjoy the acts I really wanted to see live. And I even managed to take some photos. I got right to the front for Nik. The Proclaimers and Mark though I wasn't so lucky.

So all sit down, I can't wait for James this year.

  • Nik Kershaw at Camp Bestival 2013
  • The Wurzels at Camp Bestival 2013
  • Mark Owen at Camp Bestival 2013
  • The Proclaimers at Camp Bestival 2013
  • The Proclaimers at Camp Bestival 2013
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