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Ravensburger Christmas farm jigsaw review

Oh it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

We have this jigsaw all set up for anyone in the house to have a play with, and it’s been great on a Saturday evening watching x-factor (yawn or yey, depending on whether you’re 9 or 39) but to have a festive jigsaw to play with whilst pretending to enjoy the telly is great. And with the constant “can we put the tree up yet? can we put the tree up yet?” this festive number has provided a welcome break.

It took me some time but eventually I learned the genius retort “when the Christmas farm jigsaw is complete you can put the tree up” or on occasion “is the Christmas farm jigsaw complete yet? no? well then no tree.”

Harsh maybe but come on, who wants a Christmas tree up in October?!

Thus providing some marvelous peace and quite.

It’s another lovely jigsaw from the normal high quality Ravensburger. The image you’re creating is a modern but traditional farmyard scene painted in a lovely twee way illustrating a quintessential English Christmas scene depicting what Santa might do on a farm; he’s on a sleigh being pulled by horses with antlers of course! There’s a lot going on in this picture, perfect for a jigsaw and would make a lovely image hung up in a frame which we may well done once complete.

It’s really lovely; we do love Christmas in our house 🙂

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