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I’ve worked out the secret to life

I turned 40 this year and I still can’t really believe it. But it has been quite life changing for me.

For the past 8ish years it’s fair to say I’ve been working bloomin’ hard, I’d taken some knocks so I was determined to create a future for me and my son, one that meant I didn’t need to depend on anyone else so I really have put all hours (and all energy) into developing my business. But there have been a lot of negative side effects to this. I found myself preferring to stay in and work rather than go out with friends, I remember being out for dinner thinking I really need to get x, y or z done, and then going home and with my son tucked up in bed, booting up the pc for a couple more hours.

It really is no good for your sanity and after a few years of doing this, you can let anxiety in without realising it, until one day it bites you in the backside.


So it was my birthday and the thought of organising a party filled me with dread, but I did want to mark my big birthday properly. So I decided to do something I’ve never done before and I booked a cruise, which enabled me to climb Vesuvius on my 40th; the still live volcano in Naples responsible for desolating Pompeii. People say it’s for old people but that’s rubbish and now I’ve done it, I can’t imagine another type of holiday, except camping of course. I know I go on about camping and my bell tent but it really is something to look forward to.

A cruise is just the height of luxury and I recommend you trying it. But with it’s cost, it’s not everyone who can afford this luxury often, and I do like to be comfortable, I don’t need luxury per se, but I do like home comforts. Camping is really the opposite end of the spectrum and the one thing I’ve learned this year is that it doesn’t have to be the way camping is sometimes portrayed – damp, wet, cold, miserable…. camping is awesome when you do it right, and when I say doing it right, I mean doing it my way 🙂

But the key to all of this, (the key to life) is working hard but also having something EXCITING TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

There’s an optimum time to book your cruise at the right price (about 2 weeks before you go) BUT this does mean you have only 2 weeks to look forward, you may not get the flights you want and you won’t have as much choice over your cabin. You have to weigh all this up – less ££’s vs extras! Over on the other hand, when camping you can go more often because of the lower cost but more importantly you can book ahead giving yourself loads and loads of looking forward and planning time. This is brilliant for the kids too.

Bell Tent 2014 013

There’s really nothing to plan when you’re looking forward to a cruise, you might need clothes but that’s really it because you have everything you need, waiting for you on board. However planning for a camping trip is ace. You can look at how to improve on your last trip, there’s always something you wish you had, you can check out what’s new in glamping to add to your collection and it means you just *have to* get your tent out again in the garden – just to check it over of course, which then means you can just sit and chill in it, especially on a warm day.

Interestingly, this post-cruise summer with no holidays abroad and a few sunny days, I’ve spent a lot of time in my bliss tent (aka bell tent) but I’ll get back to that later.

So there you go, my secret to life; booking up and looking forward to a break, no matter what it is. A beach, a field, a mountain or an ocean – whatever is your pleasure, if you haven’t booked up yet, make sure you start thinking about it soon.

Oh and when they say don’t take your phone with you, pah to that. Don’t feel guilty about keeping an eye on your emails. You don’t have to action them all, just knowing what’s happening will stop you fretting.

Jane x

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