Stink Bugz Toys review Aug16


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Stink Bugz Toys review

Stink Bugz Toys review

OMG they stiiiiink!

Seriously they really do smell bad….perfect for boys.

New from Character Online, these are just the ultimate in stinky boys toys, it’s not just the stench, it’s the delight they get from chasing poor mum, or grandma around with this puffer saying, here mum have some perfume!

There are 4 to collect:  Skunk Mantis, Muck Maggot, Trashy Turdmite and not forgetting Swampy Skeeter. They come in clear plastic pots with screw on lids to keep the stink fresh (that’s good of the manufacturers) but the final delight in this series is the Stink Bugz Parasites, a set of  4 mini stinkers, in their own small clear plastic bottle, along with a ‘master blaster’ which I can only describe by likening it to an old fashioned beehive smoker. These mini stinky parasites not only stink, but you can load them into the ‘Master Blaster’ and puff it to release a blast of “super gross smelling air” yep that describes it well. Who on earth came up with this?!

It is not easy to forget that they all ‘delightfully’ hail from the polluted sewers of the filthy city to the rancid pits of rotting trash dumps, because one small turn of the lid and the gush of a not-so-fragrant whiff of eau de rancid comes pouring out, attacking your senses – all of them.

Mum’s, prepare to be knocked off your feet. It’s truly gross but I have to say your boys will love them. bleugh.

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