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Strictly Come Dancing Jigsaw review

strictly jigsawWe opened up the Strictly Come Dancing jigsaw this week.

Being the jigsaw fans we are, my son announced he knows the secret to getting a jigsaw completed in record time. He carefully explained by example…apparently if you’re really careful when taking the jigsaw pieces out of the box, and out of the bag that’s in the box, you’ll find lots of pieces are already connected, and if they’re not connected then they’ll be located close to a connecting piece so if you take them out carefully you’ll be able to put them together straight away. Oh really?? Where’s the fun in that?!

I advised my 9 year old that there’s a word for that and it’s cheating, so hands off my jigsaw and promptly drove both hands in and mixed them all up defiantly. Pah to cheating I say.

I recommend this course of action for anyone, it actually feels great, kinda like feeling warm sand between your toes on the beach – but not quite if you get what I mean. Yeah, my son didn’t get it either…


It’s another great jigsaw from Ravensburger, aimed at children age 12+ (but obviously a great family activity), it’s a strictly theme, featuring the 2013 contestants so if you like strictly you’ll love this and if you don’t like strictly but enjoy jigsaws you’ll love it too.

Enjoy 🙂

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