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Super Loop Loom bands review

superloop bands 03My son was sent some Super Loop Bands as made by myStyle Craft. He wrote the review himself and posted it on his own website: www.kidsreview4u.co.uk which he’s hoping to grow. Here’s his review, with maybe just a little editing from me…

Super Loop Bands, made by myStyle Craft come in great packaging; it’s quite a large box – one with a lift top that can be used again so useful for storing the bands, which come in separate plastic bags which again is useful for making them.

Aimed at girls and boys ages 8+, with a myStyle Super Loop Bands you can create 5 stretchy, rainbow coloured silicone loop bands. It’s really easy to  follow the 12-page step-by-step colour illustrated activity guide to learn the basic techniques then you can be creative to make more Super Loop Bands in a variety of different colour combinations.

There’s a lot of pink on the packaging which, as a boy, I wasn’t hugely impressed with. A lot of friends at school, boys as well as girls make loom bands but they always come in girly packaging! But I’m pleased to say these weren’t too bad.

What’s different about Super Loop Bands is that when first opening up, you can tell they are much better than the regular loom bands, they are thicker and sturdier and far easier to create. You don’t need a loom, you can do it on your fingers which is brilliant and unlike the regular loom bands they don’t cut off your circulation doing it this way, thankfully.

You get a really good instruction booklet which shows more in the range of bands you can buy to make.

What I liked

I like the fact they are sturdier and tougher than the normal loom bands, and that they are easier to create bands with.

What I didn’t like

You can only make 5 bands from one box.

My Ratings

Age range 5-17

Difficulty 5/10

Overall 7/10


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