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The London Thames Jigsaw

This has proven to be one of our favourites ever, and this 1000 piece River Thames jigsaw by Ravensburger arrived at the perfect time.

My son had been working on a school project on rivers, learning all about how streams meander along the landscape creating these curving rivers as we know them.. It’s been quite an education I can tell you. So when this jigsaw arrived my son and I were both delighted as the second part of his project was to create a case study of a meandering river and the Thames is a perfect example, we’ve all seen Eastenders and the images of how the Thames seems to weave its way through the capital city, did you know that when left in an open landscape these curves, or meanders, increase in size – making the curves so big that they eventually create a complete circle which turns into a lake – an oxbow lake and changes the shape, and flow of the river.

thames landscape 2However had this been allowed to happen to the Thames, the London we know would have been changed beyond recognition, which is why we have man made embankments; where concrete has been used to halt the erosion that causes the meanders. The the isle of dogs is a perfect example.

This jigsaw perfectly depicts a meandering Thames as well as a very detailed view of all the popular landmarks that make London the marvellous city that it is. With vibrant colours it gives you lots to look at, we had a number of “oh look there’s…” moments as well as pointing out the things we love about our capital city– black cabs and red buses. We don’t get these things north of the capital, which is why a trip to London is always a treat.

It’s not an easy jigsaw by any means, there’s just a small part of sky, the rest is immense detailing that is usual with a ravensburer jigsaw, absorbs you at once. We did this as much as possible without looking at the box, which is why it took us a while…

Loved this, cant wait to do it again. 5/5

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