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Want to Join Me In Creating Financial Freedom on Facebook?

As you know, it’s always been important to me to help as many other mums as I can to create successful businesses and now I intend to take that help one step further.

You see, a lot of Mums approach me for business advice and one of the things I always find myself talking to them about is direct selling.

Direct selling is one of the best ways available to us to create financial freedom (the definition financial freedom is having enough residual or passive income coming in every month to cover your cost of living so you don’t actually have to go out to work to pay your bills).

There are various ways of creating this residual income but most of them have big financial barriers to entry.

This is a proven business model that’s created more millionaires than any other industry.

I had never worked for a direct selling company myself but I decided that since I was giving this advice to other Mums, it was time to put my money where my mouth is and start building a business in this area in order to create another stream of residual income.

I thought for a long while about which company to join but I made my decision based on these three factors –

1. I had to personally like the product and feel happy and confident that it was a product worth buying, let alone expecting others to buy.

2. It was with an organisation that already has a scalable and proven marketing plan in place that I could use to help other mums like me, build a business too.

3. I could find and join an up line team of successful people who would be supportive and help me and my team to grow the same way.

I’m delighted to say, I found all of this and more with Forever Living Products, it was exactly what I was looking for; a sales based business that can work on part time hours, is promoting a great range of products and provides a fabulous business opportunity to grow, and with super successful people in the team I chose – some earning in the region of £20,000 a month meant I’d found my starting point.

One of the most important factors to me was the support and knowledge I would receive when I joined the company. As we all know, the right support can be vital to our success and that’s why I chose my upline very carefully.

At the top of that upline is Ange Loughran, and I’d like to take the time to introduce you to her now.

In this video Ange will briefly introduce you to the Forever Living opportunity and I hope you can see how amazing it really is. You can read a little more about Ange below.

Many mothers would look at Ange Loughran and think she’s the luckiest woman in the world. Not only does she live in sunny Lanzarote (where she moved to from her home town of Birmingham) with her daughter, but she also runs a multiple six figure business from her laptop… Spend more than five minutes with Ange though and you’ll see that her success has got nothing to do with luck!

“I’m not the kind of person that people think should be earning this kind of money! I didn’t do that well at school and I’m just a really normal person!” she says. “In fact, I would say it’s got NOTHING to do with luck because the reality is that ANYONE can do what I’ve done if they have the right drive and when you have kids, you definitely have one of the most powerful drives to succeed!”

There is a statistic that states that the average family in the UK spends only 36 minutes a day together because of the demands of ‘normal life’.

“It’s not right how little free time people have today because they are so busy working just to make ends meet” says Ange. “I always knew I wanted to be successful and growing up in a family of fitness fanatics I was surrounded by excellent role models who instilled in me from birth that winners never quit (and quitters never win). And I am a winner. I’m sure given the right opportunity, any mother would be too!”

Ange started her own business at the age of 23 because she was sure that being self-employed was the way to achieve all of her dreams. But after a lot of hard work, that changed in 2010 when she came across a network marketing company that offered her the opportunity to start a ‘Business in a Box’ for under £200 – since the day she decided to join, just 3 years ago, she has never looked back. Ange started out only wanting to make £4,000 a month – and at the time that seemed like a huge amount of money, but last month she brought home nearly £35k and that and at the time that seemed like a huge amount of money, but last month she brought home nearly £35k and that amount is set to continue growing every month.

As you can see I chose well with having Ange in my upline, her support and advice along the way has been invaluable.

I also have Michelle Holmes (she is a top online marketing strategist who has worked with some of the top distributors in the company AND some of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the UK to help them grow their businesses online and helped them get incredible results) AND Carly Hope who is a top sales coach in my direct upline (both of these ladies run 6 figure businesses of their own) so I’m sure you can see how well supported I am in this venture (and how well supported you would be if you were join me too).


Why Should You Join My Team?

If you want to create financial freedom, one of the best ways to do this is with a direct selling company. A lot of due diligence went in to my decision to join this specific company AND this specific upline.

You will need to be ready to put in 10 hours a week, but you can work from home from your computer if you want to and I’m looking for mums who are ready to make a real difference to their families financial situation.

We will firstly work closely together to build the residual income you need to cover your cost of living completely - and from there the sky is the limit!

As well as the package and support Forever Living has to offer I will to continue to support business Mums via MumsClub, so my own Forever Living team members will also receive the following:

1. Once I have established my core team (which could be you) I want new people to easily find a distributor to join locally – therefore all of my team members, will be listed geographically on the MumsClub site which will be promoted to our networks; we have over 35,000 on twitter alone.

2. Additionally, central advertising will be placed in our magazine (The Business Mum’s Journal) which all down team members will benefit from.

3. Potential for growth. Once I have established a core team I’ll encourage MumsClub members from your area to join your team which in real terms to you is £39 per recruit, a figure that will increase as you grow your business too.

4. I’m often out at events, etc and will promote your business for you on your behalf.

5. As a member of my team you will also get free access to Michelle Holmes’ online training programme on marketing your business online AND Carly Hope’s online training programme on Selling with Soul.

So, if you are interested in this opportunity, would like to generate an additional income around your existing commitments, and grow directly with me, and my mentors, all you need to do is enter your email details below and we will be in touch with you very soon.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you on board!

Here’s to our success and financial freedom!

Jane x

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