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World Wonders Jigsaw


Fantastic! I was so excited to get this today, this is the biggest jigsaw that we’ve ever attempted! It’s a 2000 piece called World Wonders which, when complete is a whopping 132 x 61cm so should you want to join me in this household record attempt then be warned, you will need space to put this together. We have our dedicated jigsaw table which is luckily big enough for this.

But because of it’s size, if you don’t have a surface big enough I would recommend a roll up jigsaw base for this if space is limited so you could roll it away between jigsaw sessions.

Back to the box, as I unwrap it, for me the smell of the brand new jigsaw is up there with fresh baked bread, coffee percolating and fresh cut grass in the summer.  The landscape picture is a detail-rich graphic of the world, incorporating animals from around the world, transport systems, weather, and well known landmarks that I look forward to going through with my 10 year old.

I spied the tower of Pisa straight away, which we visited last year so it’s really exciting for us. I quite like the way both Australia and Hollywood in LA are illustrated on both the right and left of the panoramic view, this is great to show our ‘little people’ just how the world forms its spherical shape. You don’t see that often which is a lovely touch.

It really is packed with so much bright and colourful detail, so much so I think I may have to frame it once finished. See if we can do it before Christmas… I’ll get back to you.

World Wonders 2000 piece Ravensburger jigsaw



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